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The art of the blacksmith has ancient roots in Santu Lussurgiu.

Since time immemorial, the workshop of this craftsman has produced items relating to agriculture, sheep herding, and the breeding and training of horses, as well as numerous other local necessities: items such as spurs, bits, stirrups, shearing scissors, pruning hooks, scythes, locks, and of course knives, which in this place are a man’s faithful and inseparable companions.

A craft so complex cannot be improvised from nothing; it must be learned from one’s predecessors, cultivated for a lifetime, and then passed on to the next generation.

Salaris brothers follow this tradition while satisfying the requests of a highly exacting local clientele that is ready to find even the smallest fault in tools that must endure years of heavy, daily use.

They specialize in the making of knives, a craft into which they invest all their experience in fundamental processes such as the forging and tempering of steel. Their knives are made with the forms and materials of tradition, but with new and personal solutions, and are today available to the world.
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